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"Setting the standard of excellence in service to the Pennsylvania workers' compensation community."
Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Automation and Integration System is Live!
The Department of Labor & Industry strives to establish common ground where both workers and employers thrive in its economy. This is our mission statement and it is passionately pursued daily by each department employee. There are many pillars that support this mission, including a strong and effective workers' compensation system. Read more…
EDI Claims Implementation Guide Released
The Bureau of Workers' Compensation has published the final Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Claims Implementation Guide and its supporting documents. This version of the guide provides technical information, procedures and explanations to help claims administrators prepare and navigate future EDI processes. Download a copy.
Submit any comments, questions and suggestions you have regarding the guide to We will consider your input as we make revisions to it in the future.
PA EDI Claims Implementation Guide
Transaction Partner Criteria
Because testing for EDI transaction partners and direct file/trading partners is currently in progress, any requests to add EDI transaction partners or direct file/trading partners to the Pennsylvania EDI transaction partner or direct file/trading partners lists received after March 10, 2013, will not be processed until after the "go-live" date for the WCAIS project, Sept. 9, 2013.
The Bureau of Workers' Compensation requires all trading partners to submit EDI transactions to the bureau using one of its approved EDI transaction partners. The bureau will verify that each EDI transaction partner is qualified to send and receive data utilizing the IAIABC EDI Release 3 format that meets the requirements set forth by the EDI questionnaire and within the bureau's Claims EDI implementation guide. All requests to be added to the list of EDI transaction partners must include a completed copy of the EDI questionnaire attesting to the ability to meet all transaction partner requirements.
BWC requires all Trading Partners to submit EDI transactions to BWC using one of its approved EDI Transaction Partners. Only EDI transactions coming from these organizations will be accepted by BWC.
If after testing it is determined that a transaction partner, in fact, cannot process data as required, or has not maintained standards set forth in the implementation guide and appendices, it may result in dismissal as an approved transaction partner for a period of six months. Any transaction partner dismissed from the list will have to re-apply through the standard process to again become an approved EDI transaction partner. All transaction partners agree to comply with testing time frames as outlined by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
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